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"You are now number 143 in the queue”

Published by Mark Tattersall in Court system · 1/7/2019 16:27:39

I am going to try to move on from posts about the difficulties and delays we experience as lawyers with the court system. However, I cannot let this go unrecorded. When I recently asked a colleague to chase up the position with some divorce papers, she got the automated message from the call centre (with which we have to deal), “You are now number 143 in the queue”. She was too busy to hold and therefore rang back a couple of days later. She received no message then about her place in the queue but held for 28 minutes before being put through. We’ll never know how long she would have had to wait from her position of 143 in the queue. Mark Tattersall, director-solicitor at Chivers Walsh Family Law.

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