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Fixed fees

As specialist divorce lawyers and specialist children lawyers, we offer fixed-fee packages for a number of family law matters:
  • a comprehensive initial advice appointment, at a VAT-inclusive price of £180 (this is a package that is ideal for those whose relationships have broken down and who need information about how to deal with any financial issues arising from its breakdown, including putting matters in their legal context);
  • an (uncontested) divorce package for those who simply wish to have their marriage dissolved, at a VAT-inclusive and court fee-inclusive price of £1,030;
  • a divorce court financial order “consent application” package, at a VAT-inclusive and court fee-inclusive price of £530;
  • children  issues (child “custody” and “access”) packages (where we can send a  “solicitor’s letter”, and/or prepare and issue court papers for you, and/or represent you at the first hearing of your court application), starting from a VAT-inclusive price of £120.

Full details of our fixed-fee packages can be found in our fixed-fee packages information leaflet, which you can access here. If you would like further information, you can email us from here or ring us at the number that appears below.

We have a litigation funding arrangement for more complex financial cases where funds may not be immediately available to cover legal fees but  will be when matters have been resolved (for example, following the sale of property).   
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