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Expert legal representation from experienced solicitors
The right professional and personal approach
When  a relationship breaks down, there can be a messy legal situation to  deal with, revolving around finances or children (or both).  We will help you to resolve any such issues, so that you can get on with your  life.  We understand that it can be difficult to juggle addressing legal issues and work commitments.  We can often arrange to meet outside office hours and are very used to communicating with clients by phone,  email and video call. We offer a number of fixed-fee packages (details are here).  We can also sometimes offer individually-tailored fixed fees. We supplement the comprehensive,  tailored advice we give you with a range of over 30 detailed information  leaflets, covering all aspects of family law. You can see one of our information leaflets by clicking here (although nothing on this website amounts to legal advice).

Family law problem?  Rely on our experience
When family law issues arise, resolving them can be stressful for those  involved. Your lawyers should guide you through  the process and help you make the crucial decisions that will affect the rest  of your life.  That role requires experience and expertise.  At Chivers Walsh Family Law, a specialist Bradford family law firm, we have both.  We were established in 1991 (initially as Chivers Walsh Smith).  We have a strong reputation as divorce lawyers and child law specialists.   All our lawyers have at least 30 years’ experience and spend a significant part of their professional lives representing clients at court, in addition to dealing with all other necessary aspects of resolving family law issues.  
Chivers Walsh Family Law is the trading name of CWFL Limited, the company registration number of which is 11248746 and the registered office of which appears below. It is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under number 649094.
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