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Because people are increasingly working and/or marrying abroad, family law  gives rise to more and more cases that have an international element.  Specialist divorce lawyer Mark Tattersall regularly acts for overseas clients, particularly in divorce court financial cases.  Often they are British citizens working abroad, with a spouse/children and/or property in Yorkshire.  Mark Tattersall is used to taking instructions by video calls made at mutually-convenient times that take account of time  zone differences and/or by email.  In recent years, he has acted for clients resident in France, Portugal, Belgium, Gibraltar, the United States, Hong Kong, the Philippines, the Republic of Ireland, South  Africa, the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. Mark is a specialist  divorce lawyer but he also deals regularly with childre cases, including cases that concern an application to a court for permission to remove a child temporarily or permanently from England to another country.  You can email him from here.  
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